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Five Facts About Today's CTE

  1. Not Our Parents’ “Vo-Tech”
    Today’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students for today’s hardest to fill careers. Six in ten jobs that are hardest to fill can be studied in CTA, including many careers in high-tech and STEM-related fields.

  2. Real-World Experience TODAY
    CTE courses are based on real-world skills and showing how those skills are put to use. Students often get to experience working environments through site visits or internships.

  3. Earn College Credits & Industry Certifications
    CTE Course are adult-level courses. All programs provide free or reduced cost college credits or industry recognized certification. Many provide both!

  4. High-Skill, High-Pay, In-Demand
    Careers associated with CTE programs are in-demand and offer high-wage opportunities for students, starting right out of high school with certifications ready to go.

  5. College AND Career Ready
    Nationally, 78% of high-school CTE students enroll in post-secondary education, higher than the overall national average among all high school graduates of approximately 69%.